Monday, June 29, 2009

Bernadette rocked Philly Mag!

My dear and TALENTED friend Bernadette made PHILLY MAG! I couldn't be happier for her!!!


Anonymous said...

CUTE site! Would love to add one another as followers:) I am always looking to network with other creative blogs! Let me know OR add me and I will then add you! Happy blogging and best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed browsing some of your friend's photos on her website. She captures a beauty in her subjects that must come from her connection to them at the time of the capture. The connection is very beautiful and goes beyond just a sweet face, more into the humanity of the being there :)

Bernadette Uzcategui said...

Wow, thanks hun! I was so incredibly psyched to get in the magazine...remember our first celebration? Thanks for being there for me, girl; you are an amazing friend and I SO appreciate your kindness and support!!