Tuesday, March 10, 2009

etsy shop-madebyhank

So I found this shop on etsy while searching the local (Philly) finds section and I fell in love.
I think it was just that day that I had highlighted other hangbags here, so I thought "oh I'll wait a few days" before sheepishly contacting her about highlighting her work. Low and behold etsy was million steps ahead of me and listed her as the featured seller. Congratulations to Katie! I love your blog as well. (The shop is empty at the time of my post due to popular demand!!! I'll be sure to update you when I see more gorgeous handbags there.)

Mumsy- if you read this, my birthday is coming up. :)


Rachel said...

wow,she has made more than 1,000 sales, busy girl... i'd love to be back on her shop when she has new stocks!

Amy said...

ooooh mags, great find! i love that second bag! but you're not helping the bank account here!